Siang pure oil formula II 25cc

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Order your siang pure oil, quickly relieve muscle pain and insect bites.

Siang pure oil bottle 25cc
Expiration date: Over 5 years

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Inhale or rub for relief muscle pain and insect bites

Siang pure oil is an oil that has the same properties as the balm white, but is meant to be spread over a large surface area. Effective against itch, insect bites and congested airways.

Oil formula II siang pure precautions
- For external use only, inhale or rub over.
- Keep away from children below 3 years.
- Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes and around the eyes.
- Keep it in dry place and store at room temperature.

Composition per 100ml:
• Camphor 8.0g
• Menthol 39.5g%
• Peppermint Oil 34.5ml%
• Clove Oil 0.3ml
• Cinnamon Oil 0.2ml

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    The same effect as the oil of the tiger, I find that it is better.

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