Siang pure aromatic balm 20gr

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Order your aromatic balm, help to relieve muscle - joint pain, and insect bites.

Siang pure aromatic balm 20gr
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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The benefits of natural with aromatic balms

Nature's remedies for healthy living. Herbs have significant medicinal as well as nutritional value to provide healing of ailments and relief of pain, thus promoting health and wellness in the most natural way.

Plai has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to ease joint and muscle pains. Widely used in aromatherapy, plai is one of the best known herbal treatments for arthritis and rheumatism. Menthol 28%, Camphor 16%, Plai oil 10%.

Chilli with capsaicin, an active compound found, fights inflammation. It aslo contains vitamin C, A, flavonoid anit-oxidants and other compounds that are known to prevent disease and promote health. Menthol 28%, Camphor 16%, Chilli oil 6%.

Basil with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties provide many health-protecting effects. They include relieving dizziness, nausea and insect stings and easing headaches and migraines. Menthol 28%, Methyl salicylate 10%, Camphor 16%, Basil oil 4%.

Lemongrass is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal improves the function of liver, spleen and kidneys. In aromatherapy, it is used to revitalize the body, helping to relieve headaches, body aches, nervous exhaustion and stress, also keep away mosquitoes. Menthol 28%, Methyl salicylate 10%, Camphor 16%, Lemongrass oil 2%.

Ginger is an natural remedy for colds and the flu, ginger is a powerful herb. It has positive effects on muscles in the digestive tract and has aslo shown to provide relief for heartburn, migraine and nausea associated with motion sikness. Menthol 28%, Methyl salicylate 10%, Camphor 16%, Ginger oil 4%.

Aromatic balm siang pure precautions
- For external use only.
- Avoid contact with eyes, wound and inflamed skin.
- Keep it in dry place and store at good temperature.

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I already knew the product and I'm very satisfied.


    Great jar, an aromatic strong scent I recommend.

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