Balm white monkey 18gr

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Order your monkey balm, quickly help for stuffy nose and cold.

Monkey white balm 18gr
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Perfect for cold and stuffy nose

The monkey balm is widely used in Thailand, is a similar of product Tiger Balm White. This balm relieves muscle pain, arthritis, sprains, insect bites and stuffy nose.

White Monkey Balm Precautions
- External use only.
- Use only as directed, not for children under two years old.
- Avoid getting into eyes or on mucous menbranes.
- Keep it in dry place and store at room temperature.

Composition :
• Camphor 22%
• Menthol 19%
• Methyl salicylate 3%
• Peppermint Oil 0.7%
• Clove Oil 0.7% and Eucalyptus Oil 3%
• Cinnamon Oil 0.8%




    Thai product, I like the smell and the effect and very hardly.


      Relieve, please, the cold or the nose.

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