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Order your lotion muay cream, to quickly fight against muscle pain, with a very simple stick application.

Muay thai lotion 45ml
Expiration date: Over 2 years

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A lotion for contact sports

This lotion from the NAMMAN MUAY brand is a blessing against muscle pain. Aches, pain in a muscle before or after an effort, this lotion quickly and effectively relieves this. It is recommended for all types of contact sports, it is even formulated for this type of sports activity. This is an evolution of the brand in terms of product for boxers, the muay thai ointment being the reference, but this lotion goes further because the use is super easy and hands-free with the applicator pad.

The application is very simple, apply the lotion directly to your body with its stick in a circular massage. 2-3 min is enough to feel its rapid effect with radical pain relief. You can use it wherever you have pain, without restraint. In case of pain due to a bad blow, it is recommended to massage the affected area with the hands in depth for 5 minutes, this will help the penetration of the product through the skin and therefore the relief of the pain. You can repeat the process up to 4 times a day.

Muay lotion precautions
- For external use only.
- Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes and around the eyes.
- Please keep under 30°.

Composition active ingredients per 100gr :
• Methyle salicylate 17g
• Menthol 5g


Very good product.

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