Tiger balm neck & shoulder 50gr

Tiger Balm

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Order your neck and shoulder tiger balm, made for relieve shoulder and neck pain.

Tiger balm neck & shoulder 50gr
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Painkiller for neck and shoulder pain

Tiger neck and shoulder is a pain relief product with an extraordinary strength. It is manufactured exclusively for neck and shoulder. It is also a non greasy cream with refreshing scent. You can feel the diminishing pain after doing a massage on the painful neck and shoulder areas. Being packed in a convenient dispensing tube, tiger neck & shoulder rub will make you to feel happy by freeing you from pain. This cream was designed for people who want to enjoy the benefits of Tiger Balm products without being invaded by the powerful scent of Tiger Balm.

Tigerbalm neck & shoulder is an ointment made to relieve pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. It is an odorless version so as not to be invaded by the famous perfume balms, and can use it at his place of work or school without impeding its neighbors. This product provides rapid relief from unbearable pain caused by stressful job, tension and static sitting position at desk for long time. The rub gives you soothing effect on the painful area which will make you to relax. It is easy to carry anywhere and it is convenient to apply anytime at your workplace or at travel. It is in the form cream which is the mixture of active ingredients like menthol & camphor. This rub can be applied on a wide area of the painful area and the cream will not stick to fingers & clothes because of its non-grease property.

Can be used to treat:
 - Neck and shoulder pain
 - Minor aches
 - Minor muscle stiffness/tension
 - Bruises
 - Sprains
 - Stiff neck
 - Torticollis

How to use neck & shoulder tiger balm

  • A gentle massage on the painful muscles area 2 to 4 times a day with sufficient amount of cream.
  • Place a hazelnut in the palm of your hand and apply on the sore area.
  • Massage until completely absorbed balm.
  • Repeat the process if necessary.

Neck & shoulder tiger balm precautions
- External use only.
- Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes and around the eyes.
- Keep it in dry place and store at room temperature.

Composition :
• Camphor 11%
• Menthol 10%
• Mint Oil 6%






      Miracle against a pain in the neck.

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        Tiger balm neck & shoulder 50gr

        Tiger balm neck & shoulder 50gr

        Order your neck and shoulder tiger balm, made for relieve shoulder and neck pain.

        Tiger balm neck & shoulder 50gr
        Expiration date: Over 3 years

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