Tiger balm mosquito repellent spray 60ml

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Order your spray mosquito tiger balm, to repel mosquitoes.

Tiger balm spray mosquito 60ml
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Tiger Balm mosquito repellent spray

When you are in the evening or outside, the last thing you need is a mosquito that turns you around. Tiger balm mosquito spray meets the needs of people who do not like insects, concerned about their health and do not bear their bites. Order your tigerbalm anti-mosquito spray 60ml, especially for all insects problems, against mosquito bites and other insect pests.

Tiger balm spray stop mosquitoes

Tiger balm spray against mosquitoes is very effective in repelling insects. Spray application is very easy. This product provides a mild, pleasant scent, not aggressive, which is effective quickly against mosquitoes or other harmful insects. Contains lemongrass oil (9%), camphor (3%) and menthol (1%). This mosquito repellant spray is an herbal product, highly effective in repelling insects. This product provides a mild, pleasant scent, not aggressive, which is effective quickly against mosquitoes or other harmful insects.

Mosquitoes and other bad insects are factors in the deterioration of your living space, leading to bites, pain, and discomfort. Tiger balm mosquito repellent spray is a herbal care product, simply formulated for your skin and to protect you indoors and outdoors against mosquitoes.

How to use mosquito spray tiger balm

The first reaction to mosquitoes is to protect the skin. To do this, use the mosquito repellent spray from the Tiger Balm range. A simple pressure on the spray allows you to apply it very easily on the body, you can also spread it with your hands but it is not mandatory. Wash your hands after use.

Tiger balm mosquito repellent sprayThe tiger balm mosquito repellant spray contains natural active ingredients to repel insects, so that the repellant remains effective all day, remember to apply it 3 to 4 times a day. The mosquito spray can be applied to your skin, but also to your clothes. The mosquito repellent can also be applied in your interior, such as on the curtains of a bedroom or living room or even on your furniture. All family members can use this repellant spray, for the youngest under parental supervision. The product is suitable for daily use, natural and ecological, formulated under medical supervision, it will protect you without risk of toxicity or harm the most fragile people.

  • To repel mosquitoes, spray directly onto skin or clothing or both.
  • Repeat spraying after every two hours for continued protection.

The virtues of the tiger balm mosquito repellent

Mosquito attacks can ruin our summer evenings. If there is an essential product to take with you on vacation or during your summers at home, it is the mosquito repellent spray tiger balm. Mosquito repellents are able to repel these harmful insects in order to avoid their bites. Thus, they dispense with the discomfort and itching due to the bites they cause and offer effective protection against all diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

This product does not cure, it acts just as a repellent against insects. If you have a bite, we recommend white tiger balm, perfect for pain relief. For children, opt for an application in the form of an anti-mosquito patch, which is much easier to use and safer, especially for young children.

Tiger balm anti-mosquito spray contraindications

Tiger balm mosquito repellentKeep the tiger balm repellent spray away from children, the application is for external use only. Read carefully the instructions for use of the product, there is no maximum number of uses of the spray per day, it is applied according to your needs and your environments. May cause an allergic reaction on certain skin types, test on a small area before wider use. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 2 years old should not use the tiger balm spray. Consult a doctor if you notice any undesirable effects, such as irritation. In any case stop using it in case of problems. Keep the bottle away from heat and keep it in a cool, dry place.

Composition :
• Camphor 3%
• Menthol 1%
• Citornella Oil 9%



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Marvellous, there are no flies on me !.

Marvellous, there are no flies on me !.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Strong smell of lemongrass, perfect.

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In the South mosquitoes it is hell, for me this product is essential and very effective.

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