Tiger balm mosquito repellent aerosol 120ml

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The aerosol Tiger Balm mosquito repellant to protect your body from insects.

Tiger balm aerosol mosquito 120ml
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Tiger balm mosquito repellent aerosol

Here is the new aerosol of tiger balm mosquito repellent very powerful to repel insects from your body. The application in aerosol form is very simple, and can be repeated every 2 or 3 hours. This product is non-greasy, it diffuses a fine mist, which is effective quickly against mosquitoes.

The plants chosen to formulate this tiger balm aerosol mosquito are safe and very active in repelling and protecting you from mosquitoes. The aerosol and made for easier use on your skin or on your clothes, the protection lasts several hours. This non-greasy product does not stain clothing, which is perfect for applying it to different areas of the body.

Tiger balm aerosol against mosquitoes

Insects and mosquitoes are very painful, especially in summer, that's why Tiger Balm decided to make a range of mosquito repellents. Very complete, it consists of the aerosol, for outdoor use on the body and clothes, positive point no need to apply it with the hands, the spray for indoor use although versatile, and in the form of patch.
Precisely the patch is really very useful because it is applied on clothes, no need to apply it on the body and it repels insects for a very long time. In addition, the anti-mosquito tiger balm patch can be used by children, even at a young age, and can also be applied to a corner of the bed or curtains for protection at night when sleeping.

The ingredients and benefits of tiger balm aerosol.

Tiger balm aerosol anti-mosquitoFor the active ingredients contained in this tiger balm aerosol, they are all 100% natural, and always without animal contents. We find in this mosquito repellent 18% lemon oil and eucalyptus, which gives off odors that insects hate, especially mosquitoes.
There is also 2% lemongrass oil, which makes this aerosol an excellent repellant. The ingredients are very active, and give off a strong odor, this is why it is recommended to use the aerosol outdoors. Remember you can use it on your clothes.

This product does not cure or relieve pain, it is only made as a mosquito repellent. The benefits are therefore to repel insects from your body, to be protected as long as the product is active. If you want to relieve a sting pain, we recommend the white tiger balm, excellent against this type of problem.

How to use tiger balm mosquito repellent ?

Anti-mosquito tiger balmBefore using the product, you must shake the bottle, always before each application. Position the tiger balm aerosol about 15cm from the area to be treated, then generously spray the product. For a powerful mosquito repellent effect you can apply it on the body and clothes. An application on your clothes will be perfect to be effectively protected outdoors against all kinds of insects.

If you want to apply it to a child over 3 years old, we recommend doing it via your hands. Spray your hands with the spray, then treat your child's desired area, always with care. For children under 3 years of age, prefer the use of anti-mosquito tiger balm patches. For continuous use, repeat the operation every two to three hours.

Precautions for using mosquito repellent aerosol ?

Do not use it for young children (under 3 years old), or pregnant or breastfeeding women. For external use only. Do not use in confined spaces. Indeed the product is very strong and the smell too, it can cause nausea or dizziness if the space where it is used is confined. Recommended for outdoor application, on the body or on clothing.

Some people may have allergic reactions on the skin, try a small area before active treatment. Do not rub eyes or mouth after contact with the product, and wash hands after use. Do not apply the tiger balm mosquito repellent aerosol on damaged skin or on sensitive areas, such as mucous membranes, or sunburned skin. Attention flammable product.



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Very good

Doesnt actually repel for hours but does work short term.

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Perfect for fight with mosquitoes!

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Tiger balm mosquito repellent aerosol 120ml

Tiger balm mosquito repellent aerosol 120ml

The aerosol Tiger Balm mosquito repellant to protect your body from insects.

Tiger balm aerosol mosquito 120ml
Expiration date: Over 3 years

Notice anti-mosquito aerosol PDF

Here is a manual notice in PDF format, to follow the instructions of the aerosol tiger balm mosquito repellent.

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