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Order your plaster cold tiger balm, easy way to fight your joint and muscle pain.

Pack of 2 small patches cold tiger balm
Size 7x10cm
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Plaster for fight joint and muscle pain

Tiger medicated plaster is a medical patch who is used directly in case of muscular and joint pain. The patch exercises a cool effect. It sticks agreably to the skin, without glue. This is an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory preparation. Once applied, the balm is quickly absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation. It helps to expedite the healing process. Its cold action provides quick relief and confort. The ingredients like camphor, menthol, eucalyptus or mentha are absorbed into the skin to relieve all your pain.

How to use plaster cool tiger balm

  • You can use everywhere on your body, simply remove the protector film and apply to your skin. You can use the plaster only 1time but many hours.

Cold patch tiger balm precautions
- External use only.
- Keep away from children boundaries.
- Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes and around the eyes.
- Keep it in dry place and don't open if you not use.

Composition per 100gr:
• Camphor 1.0gr
• Mentha Oil 0.6gr
• Eucalyptus Oil 0.5gr
• Menthol 0.3gr

The Best for Pain

These skin patches last over 12 hrs giving great musculoskeletal pain relief. They are even better than the lidocaine plasters lidocaine is an anaesthetic. These are drug free. Only downside us they are expensive and take a few weeks to arrive from
Thailand, so allow for that.

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Be warmed

A really great balm I suffered from sciatica and it was the only thing that gave me relief I've recommended it to my friends and they wouldn't be without it

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I prefer the warm version but is work great.

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