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This refreshing tiger balm patch to relieve a fever or a high body temperature. Sold in packs of 2 patches, the application can go up to 8 hours, for adults as for children.

Pack of 2 patches anti-fever
Size 5x11cm
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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To fight high temperature and fever

You have a headache, a feverish state, a flu, temperature, so this refreshing tiger balm patch is for you. Easily applicable on any area of your body, this patch can stay in action for at least 8 hours, greatly relieving your pain.

Manufactured by tiger balm, this product is sold in packs of 2 patches, applicable to both adults and children (not below 2 years). To be placed on the forehead to immediately fight a high fever, or the neck and chest for congested breathing. Use when your child or one of your family members needs to reduce body temperature. Provides effective cooling relief. For external use only, avoid placing too close to the eyes or on irritated skin.

Anti-fever plaster tiger balm precautions
- Remove the transparent film from the patch and applied to the desired area.
- Replace when frost loses cooling effect.
- Use each patch only once.
- Long duration of 8 hours.

• Hydrogel patch



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Very good patch against fever.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


I recommend in case of fever patch is really magic with its cold, effective effect very quickly.

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