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Inhaler tiger balm is helpful in clearing a stuffy nose and obstructed airways.

Tiger balm inhaler 2ml
Expiration date: Over 2 years

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Benefits of inhaler tiger balm

Let's start by explaining the principle of inhalation. It is a method that allows an interface between the active principles of medicinal plants or essential oils and the bronchopulmonary sphere, the molecules in suspension in the water vapor are inhaled. These then come into contact with the respiratory mucosa (nose, sinus, throat, lungs).

Tiger balm inhaler quickly clears your airways

The cold is a common viral infection, especially in winter. To breathe better, opt for the inhalation solution! Eucalyptus, menthol, camphor. Inhalation is a therapeutically effective and natural way of healing, the principle is to absorb volatile substances to disinfect the airways.

The natural ingredients

The natural active ingredients of the inhaler tiger balm such as eucalyptus or menthol, will make it ultra effective. It is ideal for calming a cold, sinusitis and other disorders, a headache or sore throat or insect bites. Indeed the tiger balm inhaler is a real product that allows a nasal decongestant. It quickly relieves nasal discomfort due to colds, fever, sinusitis, ect...

This tiger balm inhaler will also relieve you of other troublesome daily life such as for example: vertigo and motion sickness. The tube has a particular composition specific tiger balm product, indeed it contains natural herbs that you suck to unclog your nose with menthol on one side, and the other a reserve of oil that you apply directly on your skin.

It is an inhaler that treats respiratory inflammations, relieves rheumatic pains and contributes to the maintenance of good hygiene, treats sore throats and headaches, neuralgic pains, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis everything is said: it is indispensable, small and practical and transportable easily. it's a new product from the Tiger Balm range that we find exclusively on our online store.

The use of tiger balm inhaler

Inhaler tiger balmFor effective use care must be taken that the airways are well cleaned, if this is not the case do a cleansing of each nostril properly. Then unscrew the cap and inhale deeply. This product is an exclusive use for inhalation, you will not be able to use it differently.

It is a transportable product very easily from everywhere; it will slip easily into your bags, your pockets and its use is discreet even if you find yourself outside in the middle of a crowd. Inhale or rub under the nose or put a drop on your handkerchief.

Inhaler composition:

- Menthol 42%
- Camphor 17.7%
- Eucalyptus oil 9.7%

Like camphor, menthol has a local anesthetic effect that allows it to intervene in the relief of pain. Menthol mainly participates in the sensation of freshness provided by the product. It is the most important essential oil of this composition because it represents almost half of this tiger balm inhaler.

Camphor has anesthetic and analgesic properties, it is largely responsible for the anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect. Its analgesic effect is increased tenfold when it is combined with menthol. Terpene camphor oxides also have decongestant and mucolytic properties. This property will help fluidify bronchial secretions and stimulate the mucin glands.

Eucalyptus contains a compound called eucalyptol. Its use is known to treat inflammation of the airways, bronchi and throat, but also to help relieve fever and asthma symptoms. Eucalyptus essential oil is a product with anti-bacterial properties. It helps to purify your air, clear the airways congested bronchi, and also greatly relieve you during a cold or bad flu.

Information on tigre balm inhaler

Tiger balm inhaler to clear the noseDry or wet, inhalations are essential to treat respiratory or nervous disorders. The inhaler is a perfect product to clear the airways, like the white tiger balm. At a time when the overconsumption of drugs is increasingly pointed at the finger, an awareness is needed. And if the tiger balm, considered one of the best herbal remedies, was the solution?

This ointment of the Chinese pharmacopoeia is extremely popular in Asia, because of its rare formation which makes it an ally of choice of natural medicines. The inhaler is very effective with the effect of cold product, it can reduce and cure many problems while diffusing its bewitching smell due to the presence of essential oils. Try the new tiger balm inhaler, excellent product against cold, stuffy nose and motion sickness.



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    Makes it easier to breathe and clear your nasal passages when suffering from a cold



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        Tiger balm inhaler

        Tiger balm inhaler

        Inhaler tiger balm is helpful in clearing a stuffy nose and obstructed airways.

        Tiger balm inhaler 2ml
        Expiration date: Over 2 years

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