Frangipani essential oil 20ml

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Order your essential oil frangipani, used for relax and calm.

Essential oil bottle of 20ml
Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Using this oil for relax and calm

Essential Oil Frangipani also called "Plumeria" is used to relax, it also clears congested lungs, calm the cough and soothes the scent of a room. The flower frangipani it found mainly in the Caribbean, in large trees 3 meters tall.

Botanical Name: Plumeria alba
Properties: soothing, relaxing, invigorating and energizing
Used for: restores inner peace and harmony with oneself, aphrodisiac, refreshing

How to use frangipani essential oil

  • A few drops on a potpourri or in a diffuser to scent a room.
  • You can also pour the drops in your bath, use for massage but diluting first.
  • Store the oil out of reach of sunlight, at a temperature between 20-25 degrees.
  • Used to perfume a room, or on the skin in massage, to put in the bath, or in gastronomy to flavor your dishes.


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