Although use essential oils

It is important to dilute essential oils before using them, otherwise you will cause you more harm than good. You can use fat or water to dilute EO. We thus find in in massage oils or Tiger Balm.

Common uses

An essential oil, or "EO" is a volatile and odorant contained in plants. These oils have therapeutic effects on diseases. The use of these essential oils is known for centuries and thanks to modern medical techniques, their benefits could be confirmed.

Essential oils can be used in different ways, but the most common way is the use of EO with fatty or body serving as a support such as massage oils or balms. Of course, the best known example is the Tiger Balm, which is made partly of natural essential oils. But the Tiger Balm is not alone in using these oils, Siang Pure or Golden Cup Balm use.

Use of essential oils

Discover and use essential oils, it is venturing into a new world, because of benefits, scents called aromatherapy. Many modes of use exist, for you to test them and see which fits you best.

1. Dissemination of essences in the air: you can use the burners or essential oil diffusers that steam invades the atmosphere of the room where you are. It is important to dilute the oil with water before use and not to use "pure" because this may cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.

2. Massage: It is important not to use pure essential oils undiluted because it is harmful to the skin. Therefore, mixing with vegetable oils that may get massage oils or balms such as Tiger Balm.

3. Bath: You can pay ten drops of EO in a foot bath or full to enjoy the benefits of essential oils relaxing.