Massage techniques

Thai massage

Thai massage is a tradition in Thailand, and it is far from an erotic massage as many people may think. In Thailand, this massage is called "Nuad bo 'ram'. This technique is done with a mattress that is placed on the floor which is covered with large and pleasant to touch fabrics. This massage is to put pressure on different parts of the body to eliminate stretching and pain. Using Tiger Balm can replace the massage oils.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage we just Indian ancestral and traditional medicine in Ayurveda community. This technique involves applying a naked body, a warm massage oil and massage each part of the body starting with the feet and ending with the head to circulate energy.

Swedish massage

Invented by Peter Henrik Ling, a Swedish pedagogue of the end of XVIII century, massage was nevertheless influenced by Asian techniques. It's actually switch between different ways of touching the skin and muscles: kneading, stroking, tapping, friction and vibration. To practice this massage, we must make these gestures energetically and increase pressure in the muscle. perfect for relieving muscle, Tiger Balm Liniment version will be perfect with this massage.

Sensual and erotic massage

This type of massage is generally practiced at home and in private with his or her partner. The use of erotic massage oils such as oil of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine can increase the desired effect. This massage helps to add a little spice in a pair and forget the worries of life and relax. Movements should be soft and languid, and let your imagination take precedence over the calculated gestures.

Shiatsu massage

This massage technique originates from Japan and is very popular in the West. This type of massage helps relieve see treat aching body parts through simple pressure of the thumb, the palm or fingers. Alternating with percussion, vibration, pressure or stretching, you can unlock the energy stored in your body and stimulate self-recovery.