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How to quickly relieve your pain?
Tiger Balm can relieve your tendinitis, muscle pain, sprains, runny nose or headaches

Logo tiger balmMillions of people around the world are looking for natural alternatives for pain relief. That’s only natural, since often these alternatives will be more effective and cause no side effects on the long term – unlike any pharmaceutical grade drugs. For anyone who favors using natural balms for treating muscle pains, the tiger balm range of products is a household name since it offers many effective topical solutions ranging from balms to liniments and beyond.

If you’re looking for information about the diverse tiger balm products, you’ll find everything you need in this article! We have included sections focusing on several of the most popular tiger balm products now available to you…. and you may be surprised to learn how flexible and versatile this product range has become. There are several tiger balm products available, all formulated using natural oils only, and each aimed at offering the best solution for a vast number of ailments.
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Different benefits for each product

In this page you will learn about the most popular versions, starting with the classic red tiger balm - your best option for relieving muscle and joint pains, as well as its fast acting version - tiger balm liniment. You’ll also learn about the many applications of white tiger balm, ranging from headaches to colds and even insect bites; and if you’re curious about the latest products available from this well-known brand, make sure to read the final sections in this article that will introduce you to the increasingly popular tiger balm muscle rub and new tiger balm patch – two great products which have been especially devised to suit our hectic modern lifestyles.

The range also offers anti-pain products specifically formulated for neck or shoulder pains, arthritis, body aches, and also anti-mosquito products. The pains are effectively reduced by natural plants in products such as camphor, menthol, clove, methyl salicylate or cajeput and eucalyptus oil.

Tiger balm red will soothe your muscle and joint pains

Tiger balm red Tiger balm red is the classic tiger balm formulation, which should be very familiar to many people reading this article, since it has been widely popular with people from all walks of life. From herbalists to athletes and beyond, you’ll easily come across many people vouching for the effectiveness of this natural pain relieving cream. You can find the original and authentic tiger balm red available on this page, sourced from the reliable and trustworthy “Tiger Balm” brand.

This is a 100% natural product created using a combination of natural plan oils, including menthol, camphor, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and cajeput – all of which are natural oils with tried and true medicinal properties. The formula used to create tiger balm red was devised many centuries ago by a Chinese herbalist called Aw Chu Kin, and it has stood the test of time because it brings great results to those who use it to treat muscle pains and aches… in fact, many people will say this is still the absolute best ointment available on the market.

The key benefits of tiger balm red are caused by its strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which are instantly recognizable since the balm will create a warm sensation when applied that will soon cause the rubbed muscles to relax. You can use tiger balm red to treat your occasional back pain or your sciatica pain, and even to effectively manage chronic conditions such as tendinitis and arthritis. This product is safe to use anyone except pregnant women and children under two, and it very rarely induces allergic reactions in other people.

Using tiger balm red is as simple as rubbing a small portion in circular motions until you start feeling a little warmth – which indicates the product is being properly absorbed. Keep in mind the tiger balm products are intended for external use only, so it should not be applied on the mucous glands, the eyes or in irritated skin.

Tiger balm liniment provides fast acting relief from muscle and joint pains

Tiger balm linimentIf you’re looking for a tiger balm product that was especially created to treat muscle and joint pains in a fast acting manner, as well as being suitable for treating large affected areas… then you will probably want to get the tiger balm liniment. Simply put, this is a liquid version of tiger balm red, whose formula has been slightly adjusted to make it easier to apply over large areas of your body, as well as having a faster action because it can be rubbed more vigorously into the skin.

Tiger balm liniment is great to treating anything from minor aches to chronic pains – you can rely on this product when looking for relief from simple bruises, strains and sprains, as well as when dealing with full blown arthritis, localized muscle pains, and joint pains. You can use tiger balm liniment to find fast relief from your muscle pains, without any need to introduce toxic chemical elements into your system; tiger balm liniment is made using only natural oils extracted from medicinal plants, including menthol, wintergreen, eucalyptus, and spike lavender.

This product can be safely used by anyone, although pregnant and breast-feeding women should ask for the advice of a health professional to make sure there are no potential issues that may arise from interactions with other medications. In anyone else, tiger balm liniment can be safely applied three to four times every day for a quick and natural muscle pain relief.

It’s worth noting the tiger balm liniment has a very low chance of causing allergic reactions, so in order to be cautious you may want to try applying this product on a small area when you’re using it for the first time – especially if you have a very sensitive skin. You should also be careful to avoid contact of this product with your eyes or mucosa, since its active ingredients will sting when applied internally. Remember, this product is meant for external use only!

Tiger balm white can be used to treat migraines, colds and insect bites

Tiger balm white Tiger balm white is an entirely different formula that is meant to treat headaches, migraines, common colds and even insect bites. This is a relatively recent product that was developed in the early XX century by a Singapore herbalist, and it quickly became popular throughout Asia as natural solution for dealing with migraines in particular as well as several other ailments.

Like all tiger balm products, tiger balm white is created using a special combination of natural oils extracted from plants, with no chemicals added. Plant oils used to make tiger balm white include camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and oil – all of which are known to have notable and complimentary anti-inflammatory actions.

The ingredients used to make tiger balm white have been combined in the right dosages to work together and create a fresh sensation that is particularly beneficial when treating certain conditions that don’t respond as well to the formula used in tiger balm red. This formula is particularly effective towards relieving conditions where the affected area already radiates heat, such as in migraines and headaches. It will also help in treating sinusitis and other breathing related problems such as colds, coughs and rhinitis.

To get the best results from tiger balm white, you only need to use a little and focus the application directly on the painful area. When dealing with respiratory issues, just rub a little under your nostrils and the active oils will be absorbed naturally as you breathe. This is a very thick balm that will instantly create a cold sensation when rubbed, so you should make sure to wash residues from your hands after applying it on the affected areas.

Try using a tiger balm patch for soothing back pain or fever

Tiger balm patch If you want a convenient solution for treating fevers as well as lower back pains, you will love to hear about the latest offering from tiger balm. The tiger balm patch has been created using the same natural salves in the tiger balm products, adapted into a practical and modern method of application. For situations where it’s not practical to rub the balm in the affected area, you can simply opt to apply a patch and you’ll get the benefits of this natural product in the most convenient way possible.

This product uses the tried and true tiger balm formulation you know and love, available here in very convenient and practical patches that you can take with you anywhere for simple and discreet application.

Tiger balm patch gives you the best of traditional Asian medicine, delivered in a plaster format that you can take with you to work or anywhere else for a convenient and discreet application. The tiger balm patch is a great solution for busy people who want a solution that suits their hectic lifestyles, and it’s available in a hot and cold plaster so you can choose the most effective version for your particular situation.

The tiger balm patch is very thin, so it will not be noticeable under your shirt. It also has no glue, since the salve itself is sticky enough to make the patch adhere to your skin. You can now rely on these products to help you manage your muscle and joint pains in a very natural and convenient way.

Tiger balm muscle rub is perfect for relieving a stiff neck

Tiger balm muscle rub If you would like to try a neck and shoulder cream that uses the same natural formulas available in the tiger balm range of products, you’ll love to hear about the tiger balm muscle rub. This rubbing cream has been specifically devised to help people who struggle with chronic pain in the muscles area, no matter if the problem arises for the vertebra or surrounding muscles. This special formula has comparable effectiveness to the original tiger balm, except it’s been adjusted to allow a more convenient application.

Applying the tiger balm muscle rub will give you almost instant relief from your pain in muscles, shoulders, and nape. This product works great to reduce tension at cervical level (which is often caused by bad posture and chronic stress) and its anti-inflammatory effects will quickly minimize discomfort and pain in your upper back muscles. You only need to rub a small portion into the affected area, and within a minute of rubbing it will have been fully absorbed, leaving a pleasant scent and instantly soothing tense muscles and tight articulations.

The best thing about the tiger balm muscle rub is how it’s not greasy in order to ensure a quicker absorption with no residues. Unlike with the traditional tiger balm products, this cream will be absorbed into your hands in a few minutes, so you won’t have to watch them after applying the balm. This product is made using a special combination of natural plant oils including mint, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and chili; it’s a fast acting cream that can be used by anyone topically – it should not be used on open wounds, mucosa or in the eyes since it will cause a burning sensation.

All you need to know about tiger balm products

As you can see, there are some interesting new products in the tiger balm range of products! Asides from the traditional salves meant for hot and cold stimulation of muscles and joints, you now have special formulations which have been specifically created to make application easier and more convenient during your everyday routines where you likely have few minutes to spare.

On sale on the internet, the real tiger balm has 25% of camphor. You can buy one in your local pharmacy, but the version distributed in Europe contains only 10% camphor. This lightened balm thus reduces the effects !

Whenever you need some quick relief from tight muscles and sore areas in your body, you can rely on your favorite tiger balm products to get things in order quickly. All tiger balm products are made using natural products only, to ensure you get the best possible results with no unwanted side effects. Since these products have been a staple of Asian medicine for many years, you can use them confidently knowing you’ll get fast and safe relief from your aches and pains.

No matter what tiger balm products you like best, you can get them directly from this page! Tiger balm is the best natural solution for muscle and joint pains, and you can order these natural products here.