Order your red tiger balm, quickly relieve muscle and joint pain.Tiger balm red jar 30grExpiration date: Over 3 years

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Order your white tiger balm, quickly relieve headache and stuffy nose.Tiger balm white jar 30grExpiration date: Over 4 years

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Order your tiger balm liniment, quickly relax and soothe your muscles.Tiger balm liniment bottle 28mlExpiration date: Over 3 years

Composition: 1 Tiger balm red 30gr 1 Tiger balm white 30gr Expiration date: Over 3 years

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Tiger Balm specialist, our advice to uses

How to quickly relieve your pain?
Tiger Balm can relieve your tendinitis, muscle pain, sprains, runny nose or headaches

Tiger balm was first discovered in Burma by a chinese chemist called Aw Chu Kin. He discovered tiger balm to find a best and permanent solution for his patients to get relief from muscle pains without any side effects. He made researches on several natural herb products which were well known for pain relief and he found a solution from the mixture of diverse active substances that can act as muscle relaxant. Later he named the product as “tiger balm”.

It provides relaxed feeling to your painful muscles and gradually reduces the pain sensation. Apart from the above two basic varieties, tiger balm package also includes oil, ointment and plaster. A single package of tiger balm can be the best solution for all kinds of ailments in your body muscles. Tiger balm can also be used as a warm up rub prior to body exercise and massage oil.

What is tiger balm ?

Tiger balm is an ointment that is purely manufactured from natural herb ingredients. It can be used to treat the following ailments.
 - Arthritis and rheumatism
 - Muscular and joint pains
 - Neck and back pain
 - Sprains
 - Muscular aches caused by stress
 - Tired feet

Ingredient properties

Therapeutic – The blended ingredients of tiger balm ointments have analgesic and counter pain properties that are more effective on muscle & joint pains.
Natural – The oil form of tiger products are a unique mixture of essential oils like camphor oil, cajuput oil, clove bud oil and menthol. These oils are naturally extracted from natural plants with 0% animal ingredients..
Soothing – The tiger balm provides warmth sensation followed by refreshing coolness..

Tiger balm products were formulated more than 100 years ago and are now being used by billions of people around the world. Tiger balm has many proven results in winning the customer satisfaction and you can read it from the testimonials of our customers who have used this product.